08 May, 2010

Bird nest: mom's beauty secret

I had suffer an infection with my lungs past few months ago. I had high fever, cough, flu and hardly breath. At one time I'm totally lost my voice. H1N1 had comes to my mind as it been pandemic issues. So I when to few clinics and hospitals such as GH and HUKM. Doctors run many test such as blood test,X-ray, sputum test (kahak) and others and giving me a lot of medicine. I consume it as per perscribed but things are not getting better and even getting worse. Doctor said: "In worst scenario it can become tuberkulosis (TBC) and bronkitis."

It's been going on for 2 months. Its really affected my life, my works and my family. I had to wear face mask during that time. Until one day my mom introduce to me bird's nest. She posted to me 3 box of Nature's Remedy Bird Nest. I tried it for a month...Amazingly it really works!!! My sickness are gradually recovered and I dont have to wear face mask anymore. Thanks God and thanks mommy and the rest of my family for the support.

So I want to share with the WORLD the Goodness of Bird Nest~

1 box=8 bottles
Normal price: RM138
Promo price: RM130 (first 10 customer only)
Postage: RM 12 (W/Msia) /RM20 (E/Msia)
Self pickup in Shah Alam only

Why people fond of bird's nest? Especially the chinese.A kilo of unprocessed bird nest can cost up to USD2500. Why are they so expensive? The Chinese have regarded bird's nest soup the supreme delicacy with rich medicinal properties and good for the lungs.

This bird nest rich with collagen d anvitamin C !!!
-100% bird nest from Gua niah Sarawak
-along with collagen and active protein
-bird’s nest helps in maintaining a youthful and radiant skin
-promoting skin renewal.
-Give you energy
-Goods for pregnancy women and after giving birth
Articles on goodness of bird nest:

Other product that I have taken is Vitamin C which is good for the body especially to avoid flu because vitamin C is natural antioxidant activity,collagen synthesis,improve the cardiovascular system and the immune system. These few example of would like to suggest are:


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