31 May, 2010


Ini la gorgeous eyeshadow yang biasa mak-mak andam pakai, warna memang cantik dan tahan lama. Mungkin uols ramai yang tak familiar dengan nama MANLY tapi ia cukup famous dikalangan mak andam or makeup artist. Warna ada sampai 120 tone warna yang cukup cantik dan menarik. Rugi sapa tak beli....huhu~

Harga asal: RM100++
Promosi: RM75 shj!!!

30 May, 2010

Mac Eyeshadow-120 Colors


Mac Eyeshadow Pallete

Normal Price: RM 150
Promo: RM100

All items are pre-order Deposit 50% or full payment are required upon order...TQ

Mac Brush Set-32pcs



Harga: RM200++
Promosi: RM120 only

All items are pre-order  Deposit 50% or full payment are required upon order...TQ

26 May, 2010

Vougie De Vasss Gitu~

Pejam celik! pejam celik!  dah nak abes bulan 5...huh cepat betul masa berlalu dah nak masuk bulan 6. Lagi 2 bulan da pose balik then raya...hm RAYA?? mesti pening pikir baju pe nak wat tahun nie..x mau jd cam tahun lepas beli last2 menet itu pon jenuh pusing satu KL then sampai ke Ipoh semata2 nak cari baju raye. Bukan nak memilih sgt tapi ada yang cantik tapi size pulak mak oooi cam giant semua size beso2. badan nie kecik molek jer.xpun yg ada tp mahal sangat padahal kain biasa aje...xde pown kerawang sulam,xpown manix2 bling-bling~

So tahun ni nak wat awal2...hehe 

My inspiration?? haha..bukan la minat kat Siti Nurhaliza ni...minat baju dia aje, cantik kan :P beshnye kalau dapat merasa gini...hehe

Then muncul la idea "Busana Kebaya Exclusive "..huhu kalau dapat pakai gini mesti Voogie De Vass  gitu!!! he3


25 May, 2010

Busana Kebaya Exclusive ( Code 57)


Code Kain: 57
Material: Tile BCL
kain bawahan: songket (seperti foto)
warna: coklat (spt foto)
Condition: Belum berjahit

Harga:Kain kebaya atas-RM100
Set dgn kain bwh : RM200
Harga promosi : RM 180 (termasuk pos)

*Note: Kain kebaya+kain bwh+selendang

*kain bawahan boleh ditukar dgn semi sutera, serat nanas..pm me for details

10 May, 2010

Promosi Pembukaan Kedai


Selamat datang ke My Cinta Shoppe~ sudi² la jenguk kedai online effie nie yea...ada promosi naturactor hanya RM 30 & sarang burung RM 130.Skrg ni effie tgh mencari produk² lain...so kalau u all nk promote kat cni pon buleh, dialu²kan...sila email effie.:)
salam sayang :)
~♥~ effie



Naturactor is best seller in Japan made from Japanese white flower.Its been widely used by make-up artiste and one tube of 20g can last up 6 months to 1 year. The price also affordable compare to other international brand.

Why choosing it??? 
  • its protect the skin against UV rays
  • longlasting up to 12 hours
  • oilfree and won't clog pores
  • gives the illusion of perfect skin
This is original product , please visit the website: http://www.meikocosmetics.co.jp/  for more infos.
It's only limited stock!!!  First come first serve basis~

Currently I'm having no.151 which is suit Asian color....

Normal price: RM45
Promo Price: RM35
Postage W/Malaysia: RM5/units

08 May, 2010

Bird nest: mom's beauty secret

I had suffer an infection with my lungs past few months ago. I had high fever, cough, flu and hardly breath. At one time I'm totally lost my voice. H1N1 had comes to my mind as it been pandemic issues. So I when to few clinics and hospitals such as GH and HUKM. Doctors run many test such as blood test,X-ray, sputum test (kahak) and others and giving me a lot of medicine. I consume it as per perscribed but things are not getting better and even getting worse. Doctor said: "In worst scenario it can become tuberkulosis (TBC) and bronkitis."

It's been going on for 2 months. Its really affected my life, my works and my family. I had to wear face mask during that time. Until one day my mom introduce to me bird's nest. She posted to me 3 box of Nature's Remedy Bird Nest. I tried it for a month...Amazingly it really works!!! My sickness are gradually recovered and I dont have to wear face mask anymore. Thanks God and thanks mommy and the rest of my family for the support.

So I want to share with the WORLD the Goodness of Bird Nest~

1 box=8 bottles
Normal price: RM138
Promo price: RM130 (first 10 customer only)
Postage: RM 12 (W/Msia) /RM20 (E/Msia)
Self pickup in Shah Alam only

Why people fond of bird's nest? Especially the chinese.A kilo of unprocessed bird nest can cost up to USD2500. Why are they so expensive? The Chinese have regarded bird's nest soup the supreme delicacy with rich medicinal properties and good for the lungs.

This bird nest rich with collagen d anvitamin C !!!
-100% bird nest from Gua niah Sarawak
-along with collagen and active protein
-bird’s nest helps in maintaining a youthful and radiant skin
-promoting skin renewal.
-Give you energy
-Goods for pregnancy women and after giving birth
Articles on goodness of bird nest:

Other product that I have taken is Vitamin C which is good for the body especially to avoid flu because vitamin C is natural antioxidant activity,collagen synthesis,improve the cardiovascular system and the immune system. These few example of would like to suggest are:
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